Did you miss the ICON 4 season finale? Don't worry! You can watch it online now. Relive the excitement, emotions and surprises of the finale. Be there when the best music talents compete against each other and fight for the coveted title.

Musik Releases

ICON 4 Winner

San Andreas:

Monthly listeners 500k

The official winner of the 4th season ICON. With his musical talent he conquered the hearts of rap fans and went out as the winner of the season. Now under contract with ICON Music.

Bobby Van Damme:

Known through various internet appearances and the ICON 4 finals


The top 3 artist from ICON 4 and now signed to SONY Music.


A strong partnership for a strong result


Die häufigsten Fragen und Antworten

The fifth season ICON is allowed only for single artists.

For the payment of the participation fee we currently only offer Paypal.

Everybody who passes the preliminary round and is invited to the booth will get an artist contract from us. Further details will be given to the artists in due course.

We offer all participants the possibility to exchange their submitted video once. For such requests simply send an email with the email registered at icon-music.de to: support@icon-music.de

After successfully passing the preliminary round, all artists will be invited one by one to the Booth in the Studio in Mönchengladbach. There the artists have to perform and will be judged again. For the Booth round, the artists must expect a duration of about 2 hours.

The artists will receive further information from us separately.